August 23, 2018 Press Release

Alex Azar’s HHS Justifies Official’s Extreme Beliefs Equating Holocaust with Abortion

08.23.18 – In the wake of a Mother Jones article on HHS official Scott Lloyd’s extreme belief equating abortion to the Holocaust, Alex Azar’s HHS has decided to stand by Lloyd.

According to The Hill:

An HHS spokesperson did not deny the accuracy of the report in a statement to The Hill.

“Mr. Lloyd has testified publicly to his personal and religious beliefs regarding abortion, and explained he does not let his religion guide his job as ORR director,” the spokesperson said.

“Mr. Lloyd is committed to the mission of the agency, and his concern and compassion for those who come into the care of ORR.”

In response, Equity Forward Executive Director, Mary Alice Carter released the following statement:

“Everyone’s entitled to their own views, but not everyone’s entitled to serve as a senior government official. We’ve seen Scott Lloyd time and again act on his extreme views to the detriment of those in his care.

“Enough is enough. It’s time for Alex Azar to stop defending Scott Lloyd. It’s time to fire Scott Lloyd.”