Anti-Abortion Lobby Helped Create Kermit Gosnell

Trump administration continues pandering to anti-abortion lobby with screening of propaganda film today

04.12.19 – The White House will reportedly screen the anti-abortion propaganda film “Gosnell” today, which purports to tell the story of Kermit Gosnell, a disgraced criminal who preyed on low-income women seeking abortion services.  

Mary Alice Carter, Executive Director of Equity Forward, issued the following statement in response:

“The anti-abortion movement created Kermit Gosnell. When the anti-abortion lobby and politicians like Trump tell women that abortion is criminal and they should face some sort of punishment for those decisions, then women expect to be treated as such.

“‘Gosnell’ is not a a movie about abortion, but about a reprehensible human who preyed on women who had been fed messages that abortion is shameful — so shameful that they came to believe Gosnell’s filthy office and illegal operations were the only kind of treatment they deserved. Legitimate health care providers have long sounded the alarm on unethical providers such as Gosnell.

“Gosnell profited off people who were scared and desperate and who didn’t have the means to go to see reputable, caring and legitimate health care providers because Pennsylvania treats low-income women as second class citizens by refusing to help them afford decent, legal care. The anti-abortion movement is further profiting from his actions with this film.    

“When a woman decides to have an abortion, she should be treated with dignity, respect and care, despite anti-abortion forces telling her otherwise and making it harder and harder, year after year, to access high-quality care.”

Today’s screening follows a sham Congressional hearing earlier this week which purported to explore Twitter’s temporary ban of the account for “Unplanned,” the extremist biopic about anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, as an example of conservative censorship. In reality, the Unplanned account was banned because the user administering it had been previously banned on another account. But after the ban was reversed, the Unplanned account tweeted slogans from QAnon, the deranged conspiracy theory that has been linked to acts of violence and attempted terrorism. The account administrator has refused to speak about the tweets.