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CitizenGo is an anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, international advocacy organization based in Madrid, Spain. The group is fond of using large-scale public stunts to spread its hateful messages. For example, in 2017, CitizenGo made headlines for its orange “Free Speech bus that toured U.S. cities; the bus was emblazoned with slogans, such as “Boys are boys…and always will be. Girls are girls…and always will be.” Similar buses toured Chile, Germany, France, Italy, and Nairobi; they were banned in CitizenGo’s own city of Madrid on the grounds that they could provoke hate crimes against transgender people — which didn’t stop the group from flying planes carrying banners that read, “They are coming for your children” over Spain’s beaches in 2017.

At the U.N.’s 2019 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), CitizenGo chartered a bus featuring a fetus to drive around the U.N. campus. During the CSW, CitizenGo also claimed responsibility for doxing a Kenyan ambassador, whose phone was flooded with thousands of messages protesting the language used to describe gender and reproductive rights in the 2019 CSW outcome document.

CitizenGo also hosts a petition platform, which it has used to fight reproductive and LGBTQ rights around the world, including Ireland’s 2018 abortion referendum. CitizenGo used fear-mongering language to urge the Irish “not to make the same mistakes made in other countries”). The group has also spoken out against Trinidad and Tobago’s LGBTQ legal protections (which CitizenGo refers to as “the nation’s laws concerning non-normative sexual behavior”), and references to reproductive rights in Commission of the Status of Women United Nations reports. Birth control was included among the “destructive and controversial items” CitizenGo urged its followers to oppose.