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SLATE: Trump Adds Another Anti-Science, Anti-Choice Woman to Oversee Critical Health Programs

June 1, 2018 News Article

The newest addition to Donald Trump’s ragtag band of anti-science religious fundamentalists at the Department of Health and Human Services is Diane Foley, who will help manage the federal government’s family-planning program.

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THE HILL OVERNIGHT HEALTH CARE: Pushback over Trump pick for family planning program

May 31, 2018 News Article

Democrats and abortion rights groups are sounding the alarm on the Trump administration's pick to oversee the Title X Family Planning Program.

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REWIRE: Trump’s HHS Installs Fake Clinic Leader to Oversee Family Planning Funds

May 30, 2018 News Article

Diane Foley, who ran a Christian organization operating two anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers,” or fake clinics, was quietly installed on Tuesday as deputy assistant secretary for population affairs, where she will lead the office responsible for the federal family planning program.

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POLITICO PULSE: New slate of appointments, promotions.

May 30, 2018 News Article

HHS announced about a dozen moves on Tuesday, including changes in the public affairs office.

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INTELLIGENCER: Trump Is Already the Anti-Abortion Movement’s Best President Ever

May 23, 2018 News Article

In the wake of Donald Trump’s recent promulgation of an executive orderextending to the United States the “Mexico City Rules," the 45th president is again receiving plaudits from the anti-abortion movement.

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POLITICO: How anti-abortion forces learned to love Trump

May 22, 2018 News Article

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night was feted by a leading anti-abortion group that called him the most "pro-life president" ever. It's the exact same group that just two years ago begged Iowa caucus voters to nominate “anyone” but Trump.

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SIRIUS XM PROGRESS: The Dean Obeidallah Show

May 21, 2018 News Article

Trump's attacks on Planned Parenthood will only serve to harm their patients, Equity Forward's Mary Alice Carter tells Dean Obeidallah.

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POLITICO PULSE: HHS is already facing legal action over other changes to Title X

May 7, 2018 News Article

Last week Planned Parenthood affiliates and National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association sued the administration for its emphasis on abstinence as an approach to birth control.

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HEALTH EXEC: HHS sued over failing to release communications on family planning grants, religious freedom

May 4, 2018 News Article

HHS is the target of new lawsuits by a watchdog group for failing to respond to requests to release emails and online messages—one regarding OCR officials, the other over HHS communications with outside groups on changes to the Title X family planning program.

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HHS will take 28 years to produce emails on pregnant teens

April 19, 2018 News Article

Emails on pregnant teens would take HHS 28 years to produce


04/19/2018 06:29 PM EDT

The Trump administration indicated that a Freedom of Information Act request for agency emails on undocumented minors’...

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