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POLITICO PULSE: HHS is already facing legal action over other changes to Title X

May 7, 2018 News Article

Last week Planned Parenthood affiliates and National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association sued the administration for its emphasis on abstinence as an approach to birth control.

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HEALTH EXEC: HHS sued over failing to release communications on family planning grants, religious freedom

May 4, 2018 News Article

HHS is the target of new lawsuits by a watchdog group for failing to respond to requests to release emails and online messages—one regarding OCR officials, the other over HHS communications with outside groups on changes to the Title X family planning program.

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HHS will take 28 years to produce emails on pregnant teens

April 19, 2018 News Article

Emails on pregnant teens would take HHS 28 years to produce


04/19/2018 06:29 PM EDT

The Trump administration indicated that a Freedom of Information Act request for agency emails on undocumented minors’...

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POLITICO PULSE CHECK: Meet the New Watchdogs Putting Pressure on HHS

April 6, 2018 News Article

“The work really began after the presidential election,” Toly Rinberg, co-founder of the Web Integrity Project, said on POLITICO’s “Pulse Check” podcast. “Specifically, we were thinking about what we could do” to hold Trump accountable.

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THE HILL: Pro-life public servants are under assault — just for following the law

March 28, 2018 News Article

There is a new battleground for the Trump administration’s pro-life efforts: Defending public servants following the law.

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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Officials: State-funded anti-abortion group does not have to return fees

March 27, 2018 News Article

Officials will not seek to recover money that an audit concluded was improperly collected by a state-funded anti-abortion group.

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SPLINTER: Pressure Mounts for Anti–Abortion Crusader Scott Lloyd to Resign from HHS

March 18, 2018 News Article

Several lawmakers have joined women’s health, immigration, and human rights advocates in calling for the resignation or firing of Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Director Scott Lloyd.

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THE HILL: Liberals seek ouster of HHS official blocking abortion

March 18, 2018 News Article

Democrats and liberal groups have ramped up their calls for the resignation of Scott Lloyd, the Trump administration health official who has tried to block multiple unaccompanied immigrant minors from receiving abortions. 

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PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Dispute questions anti-abortion group's use of taxpayer dollars

March 16, 2018 News Article

In the early 1990s, then-Pennsylvania Gov. Robert P. Casey came up with a novel way to advance his crusade against abortion by offering state funding to groups to provide "alternatives to abortion."

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VICE: Trump official who tried to block teens from abortions did nothing wrong, administration says

March 15, 2018 News Article

HHS Secretary Alex Azar defended a Trump administration official under fire for his role in a battle over undocumented teenagers’ access to abortion, telling congressional leaders that he believed the issue was prompted not the official’s opposition to abortion but by a decade-old policy.

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