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REFINERY29: Here's How Trump's New Abortion Restrictions Could Affect You

July 16, 2019 News Article

President Donald Trump's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Monday it has started to enforce its "domestic gag rule," which blocks health providers that offer abortion or even discuss it with patients from receiving federal funding via the Title X program.

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FIERCE HEALTHCARE: Trump administration will begin enforcing Title X abortion restrictions

July 16, 2019 News Article

As the battle over a new Title X final rule continues to play out in court, the Trump administration says it will begin enforcing those new family planning funding restrictions.

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NETROOTS RADIO: Netroots Nation 2019 Live: Mary Alice Carter & Anisha Singh

July 13, 2019 News Article

Reproductive Healthcare - Anisha Singh of Planned Parenthood & Mary Alice Carter or Equity Forward

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PENNSYLVANIA CAPITAL-STAR: In Philly for NetRoots Nation, AG Shapiro faces protesters upset over Philly gun law change

July 12, 2019 News Article

Later in the afternoon, representatives from Equity Forward and Women’s Medical Fund hosted a panel concerning efforts by anti-choice organizations to deceive women seeking information on abortion by disguising themselves as medical facilities.

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SALON: Mike Pompeo's "pro-women" human rights panel is loaded with abortion foes

July 12, 2019 News Article

State Department's new human rights commission features many outspoken opponents of abortion rights. Coincidence?

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THE DAILY BEAST: Trump Admin’s ‘Pro-Women’ Human Rights Panel Stacked With Anti-Abortion Figures

July 11, 2019 News Article

Reproductive rights groups are appalled, but a senior administration officials says it's “the most pro-women commission in the world.”

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REWIRE: Did Anti-Choice Groups Help Craft Trump’s Fetal Tissue Research Policy? Democrats Want an Answer.

July 5, 2019 News Article

The letter asked about “listening sessions” held by HHS in 2018 about fetal tissue research that included anti-choice groups.

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VOX: The bitter pill

June 25, 2019 News Article

Why isn’t birth control better?

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WASHINGTON POST: Trump administration’s abortion ‘gag rule’ can take effect, court rules

June 20, 2019 News Article

Planned Parenthood, which stands to lose tens of millions in funding, and state attorneys general from California, Oregon and Washington say they’ll continue to fight.

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NOWTHIS NEWS: Who Is Alex Azar? Narrated by Paul Scheer

June 19, 2019 News Article

Here's how the man who made his name raking in profits for Big Pharma got appointed to ‘lower drug prices’ in the Trump admin.

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