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VOX: The bitter pill

June 25, 2019 News Article

Why isn’t birth control better?

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WASHINGTON POST: Trump administration’s abortion ‘gag rule’ can take effect, court rules

June 20, 2019 News Article

Planned Parenthood, which stands to lose tens of millions in funding, and state attorneys general from California, Oregon and Washington say they’ll continue to fight.

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NOWTHIS NEWS: Who Is Alex Azar? Narrated by Paul Scheer

June 19, 2019 News Article

Here's how the man who made his name raking in profits for Big Pharma got appointed to ‘lower drug prices’ in the Trump admin.

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MICHIGAN ADVANCE: Mary Alice Carter: Real Alternatives is a real waste of Michigan tax dollars

June 18, 2019 News Article

Elected officials have a responsibility to be trustworthy stewards of taxpayers’ money. But Michigan legislators are squandering taxpayer funds on contracts with Real Alternatives, a right-wing organization that has repeatedly failed to do what the state pays it to do.

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NEWSWEEK: Congressman Who Claimed There Is 'Abortion Genocide' Posts Poll About 'Murder of a Baby'

June 6, 2019 News Article

An anti-abortion Arizona representative posted a poll containing false information about Roe v. Wade and asking when a doctor or mother should be charged with "murder of a baby."

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UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS: Understanding the New Restrictions on Fetal Tissue Research, and Attacks on the Scientists Who Use It

June 5, 2019 News Article

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has announced new restrictions on the use of fetal tissue in research. Fetal tissue research has led to profound progress in understanding and treating countless diseases and public health threats, including chicken pox, HIV, and Alzheimer’s.

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AL JAZEERA: Trump ends fetal tissue research by federal scientists

June 5, 2019 News Article

The move was slammed by some researchers and reproductive rights groups who said it puts millions of lives at risk.

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NEW YORK TIMES: Trump Administration Sharply Curtails Fetal Tissue Medical Research

June 5, 2019 News Article

The Trump administration announced Wednesday that the federal government would sharply curtail federal spending on medical research that uses tissue from aborted fetuses, mainly by ending fetal-tissue research within the National Institutes of Health.

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REUTERS: Trump administration moves to end U.S. research using fetal tissue from abortions

June 5, 2019 News Article

The Trump administration on Wednesday said it would end scientific research at the National Institutes of Health that relies on fetal tissue from elective abortions, and would accelerate efforts to find alternatives for such research, a move welcomed by anti-abortion groups.

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NJ.COM: Chris Smith has led efforts to fight anti-Semitism. He’s accused of remaining silent in this case.

June 3, 2019 News Article

Rep. Chris Smith has spent his decades in Congress fighting anti-Semitism. Nevertheless, Smith is a strong supporter of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose political party last year demonized Jewish financier George Soros and was called “reprehensible” by the Anti Defamation League.

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