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FORBES: Dear AT&T, Boeing, Pfizer, Comcast, Walmart, Etc: Stop Funding Abortion Attackers

August 21, 2019 News Article

In a new report and open letter to CEOs, a watchdog group is calling for the US' top companies—many of whom have publicly committed to helping women—to end their support for politicians behind the nation's most restrictive abortion laws.

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REWIRE: These States Are Protecting Family Planning Clinics Under Trump’s Domestic ‘Gag Rule’

August 16, 2019 News Article

States are replacing the millions clinics will lose when they exit Title X after the Trump administration imposes its domestic "gag rule."

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REWIRE: Steve King Thinks Rape and Incest Are Necessary for Humanity’s Existence. He’s Now Facing Calls to Resign.

August 14, 2019 News Article

King was defending the omission of rape and incest exceptions in his extreme anti-abortion legislation.

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UPOLITICS: VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Equity Forward’s Mary Alice Carter On Fighting Attacks On Abortion Rights & Contraception

August 7, 2019 News Article

Abortion and contraception have been under attack by right wing gorups in multiple states across the nation in recent years, and organizations like Equity Forward have strived to combat individuals and groups who oppose safeguarding these Constitutional rights.

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STAT: Pharma contributions to politicians who support restricting abortions could reverberate

July 24, 2019 News Article

If you’re a drug maker, you wouldn’t contribute to political candidates whose positions might crimp your bottom line, right? Well, you might.

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THE HILL: Faith-based health clinics spurn contraceptives under Trump rule

July 24, 2019 News Article

The Trump administration’s effort to reshape a decades-old, federally funded family planning program has its roots in Southern California, where one faith-based group wants to be the “pro-life” Planned Parenthood.

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REWIRE: HHS Awards Nearly $1.5 Million in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Funding to Anti-Choice Organizations

July 23, 2019 News Article

Two of the organizations receiving federal teen pregnancy prevention funding promote medication abortion reversal, which the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists considers "unproven and unethical.”

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LGBTQ NATION: Trump administration civil rights lawyer arrested multiple times for harassing women & gays

July 18, 2019 News Article

A high-level Trump administration lawyer has a long record of arrests for refusing to follow the law he's now in charge of enforcing.

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WASHINGTON POST: Planned Parenthood ousts leader after less than a year

July 16, 2019 News Article

The president of Planned Parenthood was forced out of her job Tuesday in a dispute over her management style and the direction of the nation’s largest women’s reproductive rights organization amid growing political and legal challenges to abortion.

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REWIRE: Trump’s ‘Devastating and Unlawful’ Title X Restrictions Go Into Effect

July 16, 2019 News Article

As the administration starts enforcing its Title X rule, clinics that provide reproductive health care to low-income people will start refusing the federal family planning dollars.

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