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BUSINESS INSIDER: President Trump outlined a plan to 'eliminate' HIV in the US by 2030, and experts say it’s actually possible

February 6, 2019 News Article

During his second State of the Union address, President Donald Trump mentioned a plan to "eliminate" HIV in the US by 2030.

Experts say this plan is totally possible, but Trump and Congress will first need to agree on a 2020 budget.

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REWIRE: Anti-Choice Group Broke Tax Laws to Back Brutal Abortion Laws Overseas, Watchdogs Say

January 31, 2019 News Article

Watchdog groups claim Human Life International (HLI), a little-known nonprofit, has illegally funded anti-choice campaigns in developing countries that criminalize abortion care.

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SALON: Christian right groups roll out their radical anti-woman campaign — overseas

January 30, 2019 News Article

Anti-choicers say they don't aim to punish women or end birth control. Their work overseas tells a different story.

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POLITICO PULSE: Opioid-addicted patients continue to search for help

January 22, 2019 News Article

EQUITY FORWARD launches 'HHS Watch' to examine agency's anti-abortion hires. The new website reviews the dozens of Trump appointees with ties to anti-abortion organizations.

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POLITICO PULSE: Shutdown drags on

January 9, 2019 News Article

In another PULSE exclusive, Equity Forward is out with a new video, website and social media campaign urging Azar to “put people before politics” and preserve about $100 million in funding for research that uses fetal tissue.

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THE POOL: The year ahead for American women’s reproductive rights

January 4, 2019 News Article

“There is a political takeover of healthcare,” says Mary Alice Carter, executive director of the reproductive-rights watchdog group Equity Forward. As she looks forward to 2019, she fears greater challenges lie ahead.

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POLITICO PULSE: Fetal tissue fight hits Congress today

December 13, 2018 News Article

Organizations that support abortion rights have been deeply critical of HHS, with Equity Forward out today with a full-page ad blasting Secretary Alex Azar.

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ROLLING STONE: Trump’s Anti-Abortion Refugee Program Chief Has Been Removed From His Post

November 19, 2018 News Article

Anti-abortion crusader Scott Lloyd has been removed from the top post at the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Lloyd, who became infamous for blocking migrant teens in his custody from receiving abortions, is being transferred to HHS’s Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives.

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THINKPROGESS: Scott Lloyd, ardent abortion foe, gets transferred to new faith-based role at Health Department

November 19, 2018 News Article

Scott Lloyd, refugee office director — who was initially tasked with handling the Trump administration’s family separation policy and aimed to stop pregnant migrants in federal custody from having abortions — was reassigned.

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MOTHER JONES: The Trump Official Who Failed to Reunify Dozens of Separated Children Is Getting a New Role

November 19, 2018 News Article

Inside Scott Lloyd’s 20-month crusade to keep child migrants pregnant and locked up.

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