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THE ADVOCATE: New Trump Health Care Rule Will Harm 1.5 Million Trans People

May 24, 2019 News Article

The Department of Health and Human Services today announced a proposed rule undermining protections for transgender people regarding discrimination in health care.

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REWIRE: Our So-Called Health Department Is Doing Everything It Can to Deny Care to Millions

May 24, 2019 News Article

People should never fear they’re going to be refused care based on their gender or their past medical decisions.

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PENNSYLVANIA CAPITAL-STAR: Advocates score a partial win in Pa’s other important abortion fight

May 22, 2019 News Article

Last Friday’s decision by the Commonwealth Court also requires the state Office of Open Records to take a mulligan on its decision rejecting the records request filed by Equity Forward, a New York-based reproductive rights group.

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VICE: Extremists Are Winning the War on Abortion

May 20, 2019 News Article

The rise of the radical anti-abortion movement has transformed statehouses, courts, and the White House. Experts worry violence will follow.

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THE GUARDIAN: Missouri House passes extreme eight-week abortion ban – as it happened

May 17, 2019 News Article

State’s Republican-led House joins states such as Alabama by passing sweeping bill, which does not include exceptions for rape or incest

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REWIRE: Missouri Republicans Rush to Criminalize Abortion Care

May 16, 2019 News Article

A bill moving quickly through Missouri's legislature would all but end legal abortion in the state.

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REWIRE: Family Research Council: The Extreme Anti-Choice Group Molding Trump’s Reproductive Rights Policy

May 10, 2019 News Article

The Family Research Council has ingratiated itself with the administration, which could mean devastating consequences for the country's most vulnerable people.

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THE INDEPENDENT: Trump administration tracking teenage girls who want an abortion

May 8, 2019 News Article

'The health department has an overall pattern of weaponising health care information,' says campaigner.

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PENNSYLVANIA CAPITAL-STAR: Brian Sims was right, defending abortion rights is a critical fight. His tactics were all wrong

May 8, 2019 News Article

So we have some thoughts about state Rep. Brian Sims’ most recent star turn in the national media spotlight after he posted a Twitter video of himself haranguing some protesters who’d gathered outside the offices of a Philly Planned Parenthood office last week.

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THE ATLANTIC: Health and Human Services and the Religious-Liberty War

May 7, 2019 News Article

Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services is pitting religious freedom against abortion and LGBTQ rights.

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