July 19, 2022 Press Release

July 19, 2022

Equity Forward statement in response to Real Alternatives case ruling


Today in a 2-1 decision the Commonwealth Court issued its final ruling in Equity Forward’s lawsuit seeking greater transparency around extremist anti-abortion organization Real Alternatives and its misuse of Pennsylvania public funds, which may be to the tune of millions. 

Ashley Underwood, director of Equity Forward, issued the following statement in response:

“We are glad that the Commonwealth Court agreed in part that taxpayers deserve greater transparency into how their money is being spent. However, today’s ruling allows Real Alternatives to continue concealing information about its nefarious practice of siphoning money back from contractors that is actually meant to serve parents and pregnant people.  

Based on both court statements and Judge Bonnie Leadbetter’s dissent, there is no doubt that Real Alternatives is still engaging in the same kickback scheme that it was previously ordered by the state of Pennsylvania to halt.

This ruling will allow Real Alternatives to continue to enrich itself at the taxpayers’ expense. Equity Forward will determine next steps and continue working to shine a light on backdoor practices that anti-abortion centers and organizations are known for.”