March 17, 2019 Press Release

ICYMI: Former Refugee Director Scott Lloyd Lied To Congress About Obsessively Tracking Young Women’s Menstrual Cycles

Emails obtained by Equity Forward show Lloyd inquiring about pregnant teens in custody before he even started as ORR Director

03.17.19 – On Friday night, Rachel Maddow reported on new details about how Scott Lloyd, while serving as director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), tracked the pregnancies, including the menstrual cycles, of individual young women in U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) custody.

But when Rep. Madeleine Dean (PA-04) asked Lloyd if he “tracked the menstrual cycles of young women” in his custody during last month’s House Judiciary Committee family separation hearing, Lloyd stated clearly: “I am denying that I tracked menstrual cycles of women in my custody.”

Lloyd was obsessed with monitoring  these young women. Previously unreported internal emails obtained by Equity Forward show that Lloyd was inquiring about the number of pregnant girls in ORR custody as early as March 9, 2017, weeks before he officially became ORR director. Equity Forward is currently receiving ongoing productions of Lloyd’s communications that show his tracking of these young women, but the volume of responsive records is so great that HHS claims it will take 28 years to provide all of the emails.

“Since Scott Lloyd’s first days at HHS, he has had only one thing on his mind: keeping tabs on the pregnancies of the young women in his office’s custody, and using that deeply personal information to obstruct their access to reproductive services,” said Mary Alice Carter, Executive Director of Equity Forward.

“Lloyd was chosen for his job solely for his anti-abortion resume, and young people in his custody have been left to pay the price. And yet, Trump’s health secretary Alex Azar continues to stand by Lloyd. It’s time Azar is held accountable for keeping Lloyd employed. If maintaining a creepy spreadsheet about pregnant women while neglecting to track separated children wasn’t grounds for dismissal, maybe lying to Congress is.”

Although Lloyd no longer runs the Office of Refugee Resettlement, he still works at HHS.  More information on Scott Lloyd can be found at, an extensive website with a library of research on nearly 50 political appointees at our nation's health department.