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Jamille Bigio

Acting Senior Gender Coordinator, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator For Gender Equality, And Director Of The Office Of Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment, USAID

Jamille Bigio has decades of foreign affairs experience primarily focused on women, peace, and security. She previously served as the director for human rights and gender on the Obama Administration’s White House National Security Council staff and also advised former First Lady Michelle Obama on her Let Girls Learn initiative. Bigio also served as the senior advisor to U.S. Ambassador-At-Large for Global Women’s Issues from 2009-2013. While there was not enough evidence found to warrant a green categorization, her past work seems to imply that she is in favor of advancing reproductive health, LGBTQIA+ rights, and other human rights.

Bigio Announced Her Appointment Via Twitter On June 22, 2021

Bigio Tweeted News Of Her Appointment On June 22, 2021. 

[Jamille Bigio Twitter, 6/22/21]

Bigio Is A Vocal Advocate For The U.S. Government To Increase Its Anti-Trafficking Efforts Abroad

Bigio Advocated For The Federal Government To Partake In Anti-Trafficking Efforts As A Matter Of U.S. Security Interests. “To prevent human trafficking and advance U.S. security interests, the Trump administration should use sanctions to apply a travel ban and asset freeze on human traffickers; pursue charges against Islamic State affiliates of sexual slavery and other forms of human trafficking; encourage troop-contributing countries to hold accountable peacekeepers who perpetrate sexual exploitation; collect intelligence on human trafficking in locations where it already tracks drug and arms trafficking; and lead by example by ensuring that its policies on migration and asylum disincentivize trafficking and support its victims. These steps will help the United States and its allies reduce human trafficking in conflict and terrorism-affected contexts while promoting broader peace and stability.” [Ms.Magazine, 10/2/19]

Bigio Co-Authored A Report On What The U.S. Government Can Do To Combat Human Trafficking.

[Jamille Bigio Twitter, 6/10/21]


Bigio Advocated For The U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda To Combat Human Trafficking.

[Jamille Bigio Twitter, 6/9/21]

Bigio Tweeted Against Alabama’s 2019 Abortion Ban

Bigio Compared Proposed Abortion Restrictions In Alabama To Those In Countries Known For Their Limits On Reproductive Rights. 

[Jamille Bigio Twitter, 5/22/19]


Bigio Amplified An NPR Article That Detailed Alabama’s Controversial Abortion Ban That Was Signed Into Law In 2019. 

[Jamille Bigio Twitter, 5/16/19]

Bigio Remarked On How Women Contribute To Right-Wing Terrorism

In Her Comments About The Capitol Riots, Bigio Highlighted Women’s Role In Fueling Right-Wing Terrorism. "’It wasn't surprising to see women on the front lines of Jan. 6,’ said Jamille Bigio, who served on the White House National Security Council staff during the Obama administration and is now a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. ‘It built on a long history they have of contributing to far-right terrorism in the United States. Women were active and on the front lines and fully part of the story,’ Bigio said of the Jan. 6 attack. ‘They were part of the death toll, they were part of the plotters, they picked up arms -- and it's to our detriment to overlook or dismiss these as exceptions. Understanding their role is critical for understanding how to counter them.’" [ABC News, 4/8/21]

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