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Loyce Pace

Office of Global Affairs Director

Loyce Pace has extensive experience in the field of global health leading numerous organizations’ initiatives, including her most recent role as President and Executive Director of the Global Health Council. Pace also served as a member of the Biden-Harris administration’s COVID-19 Advisory Board. Pace advocates for advancing racial justice, health equity, reproductive rights, and decolonizing global health. Pace's appointment was announced on March 2, 2021 and is listed on the Department of Health and Human Services' website.

Loyce Pace Was Appointed As Director of Global Affairs On March 2, 2021

HHS Named Pace As Director Of The Office Of Global Affairs. “Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced additional Biden-Harris Administration appointments, building on an experienced team committed to President Biden’s mission to end the COVID-19 pandemic, expand affordable health care, and advance equity.” [HHS, 3/2/21

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Celebrated Pace’s Appointment. “The director of the Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs will play a central role in this vital work, which is why we applaud the selection of Loyce Pace for this critical position. Pace is a true health care champion, fighting to shift the power dynamics and insidious structural barriers that stop needed progress in global health; and she will be a critical part of the work ahead.” [PPFA, 3/2/21

Pace Reacted To HHS’ Press Release On Twitter.

                                                        [Loyce Pace Twitter, 3/2/21


Pace Has Signaled Support For Promoting Greater Diversity In Leadership Roles

Pace Called Out The Lack Of Diversity Among The Trump Administration’s COVID-19 Taskforce. “‘I don't think we've had too many honest conversations as to why women are left out in the first place. It's based on this fundamental lack of confidence in what they can bring to the table,’ says Loyce Pace, president and the executive director of Global Health Council, a coalition of academic institutions, think tanks and groups in the global health sector. ‘To exclude someone — that's a choice.’” [NPR, 6/24/20

In An Interview, Pace Emphasized The Importance Of Valuing Diverse Leadership Perspectives. “The thing we have to avoid is feeling like everyone is just checking a box. It’s not only important to have a woman or someone from the ‘global south’ on your board or executive team, you need to recognize the value of diverse perspectives and that they can bring new contributions to the table that enhance your organization’s impact.” [Women in Global Health, 1/19/17

Pace Supports Equitable Global Health Promotion And Practices

Pace Has Used Her Role At The Global Health Council To Advocate For Racial Justice And The Decolonization Of Global Health Practices. “In recent months Pace, with GHC, has advocated on a wide range of areas, including racial health justice, decolonising global health, global health security, and the COVID-19 response in the USA and globally. She was vocal in warning about the harms of the USA's WHO withdrawal under the Trump administration and in stressing the importance of continued global health investments…” [The Lancet, 12/11/20

Pace Tweeted Her Support For Decolonizing International Development And Improving Equitable Global Health Practices.