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Priests for Life

Priests for Life began as a letter writing campaign that  was opposing a abortion rights ballot initiative in the early 1990s. Since then, Priests for Life has split time between influencing elections, displaying extremely graphic images in public, and allying themselves with violent anti-abortion  protestors. Priests for Life’s work and public image is dominated by its leader, Father Frank Pavone, who often compares himself to canonized saints in the Catholic Church. Pavone also openly opposes the separation of church and state, and claims the state needs more church in it. In recent years, Priests for Life has livestreamed its support of Donald Trump and supported forcing people who have been raped to carry pregnancies to term.

In March 2020, Priests for Life was accredited by the Organization of American States (OAS). OAS is an international decision-making body comprised of 35 member states and 69 permanent observer states. Of the decision, Pavone remarked, “Priests for Life is very much looking forward to advancing this treaty as it participates in meetings of the various entities of the OAS, especially when the right to life of unborn children is challenged by pro-abortionists active at the OAS.”