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Alternatives to Abortion (A2A) State Program Funding

Jack Dobkin, Research Associate | Fact Sheets

Anti-abortion actors in the United States and across the world have sought for decades to prevent access to abortion. As part of this scheme, they have propped up anti-abortion centers (AACs)— that serve as anti-abortion propaganda machines and provide little in the way of healthcare or material support. As right-wing movements have tightened their grip on American political systems, many have made sure to enshrine support for AACs legislatively and financially through state-sponsored “Alternative to Abortion” (A2A) programs. Equity Forward has reported on the nature of these taxpayer funded anti-abortion networks, including in our recent analysis Mapping Deception. This report laid bare the 14 states with active A2A systems, and those seeking to establish or restart their own.

Building on this report, Equity Forward has created this fact sheet with up-to-date information on the legislative basis, program status, and funding amount and source of state A2A programs. Because of the often intentionally obscured nature of many of these programs, some information has been difficult to access, or may not be from the most recent legislative session. Equity Forward continues to constantly monitor these programs and send out public records requests to ensure that taxpayers know where and how their money is being spent. In instances where this applies, this will be noted on the spreadsheet, and when new information comes to light, this spreadsheet will continue to be updated.

To view and download this fact sheet as a PDF, please click here.

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