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Equity Forward conducts extensive research and investigative work to ensure transparency and accountability of groups and individuals who are attacking human rights, including reproductive freedom, access to quality healthcare, and equal protections for LGBTQ people. In addition to our research-driven campaigns, we provide fact sheets, reports, and public records analyses.

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Fact Sheets

Research Relying on Fetal Tissue: A Timeline of Ideological, Anti-Science HHS Politics

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EF Staff - February 12, 2021 Fact Sheets

Over the course of the Trump Administration, lifesaving research has been attacked time and time again.

Fetal Tissue Research, Trump Administration

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The Majority of the Commission on Unalienable Rights Members Have Egregious Track Records on Reproductive Rights

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EF Staff - July 16, 2020 Fact Sheets

The Commission largely comprises right-wing, anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ hardliners who were all appointed by Pompeo. This fact sheet focuses on the commissioners Equity Forward found to have problematic human records with particular attention to reproductive rights.

Commission on Unalienable Rights, Human Rights, State Department, Trump Administration

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Title X Under Siege: Nation’s Family Planning Program Politicized and Sabotaged By Trump Administration

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EF Staff - April 13, 2020 Fact Sheets

Since Trump took office, Title X — the nation’s family planning program for low-income individuals — has been in constant peril.

Attacks on birth control, Title X, Trump Administration

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Trump’s HHS Office for Civil Rights: Ideological Agenda, Nationwide Impact

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EF Staff - February 26, 2020 Fact Sheets

Sign in front of HHS

Under the Trump administration, OCR has pursued policies and taken actions to further a radical, ideological agenda at the expense of its underlying mission.

Anti-LGBTQ, Human Rights, Trump Administration

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Title X Comparison: The Nation’s Family Planning Program Has Been Drastically Altered By The Trump Administration From The Obama Administration

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February 26, 2020 Fact Sheets

The Title X Family Planning Grant Process Has Been Altered Drastically From The Obama Administration Through The Trump Administration.

The Trump administration scrapped what was formerly anon-political processunder the Obama administration with their 2018 and 2019 grant announcements for the...

Attacks on birth control, HHS, Title X, Trump Administration

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