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Human Life International: The Quiet Giant Underwriting Abortion Politics Abroad

EF Staff | Reports

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Executive Summary

Human Life International (HLI), a U.S. nonprofit based in Front Royal, Virginia, has spent decades quietly funding anti-abortion campaigns in foreign countries. HLI funds affiliated groups in nations where abortion is totally illegal or only legal in rare cases to preserve the life and health of the woman. In many of these areas, women are being jailed with decades-long sentences and are suffering enormous consequences under these laws. 

While HLI's front-facing media doesn't talk about criminalizing women, the organization is spending millions of dollars and holding up its campaigns as examples for success when criminalization efforts succeed abroad. 

HLI is also closely related to C-FAM, a designated hate group, and represents an anti-abortion mission at the United Nations. Moreover, C-Fam has close ties to the Trump administration; Trump judicial advisor Leonard Leo was on C-FAM’s Board of Patrons as recently as July 2017, and former U.N. Secretary Nikki Haley asked C-FAM to represent the United States at an international event.

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