Sen. Sasse Fails to See How Anti-Abortion Rhetoric Is Violent, Watchdog Group Has Examples

04.10.19 – At today’s sham hearing on supposed conservative censorship on social media, Senator Ben Sasse questioned how anti-abortion rhetoric peddled by extremist groups could be violent — a fact that is well-documented. Mary Alice Carter, Executive Director of Equity Forward, responded:

If Sen. Sasse wants answers about the violence of anti-abortion activists, we’ve got them from the National Abortion Federation. Since 1977, there have been:

  • 11 murders of providers

  • 42 health center bombings

  • 187 arsons

“Anti-abortion extremists are feeling emboldened, leading to a rise in targeted acts of violence. In fact, groups at today’s hearing have posted graphic imagery and conspiracy content that has actually been linked to violence and attempted acts of terrorism. It’s so obvious to see how this dangerous rhetoric can cause real harm, but Sasse blatantly ignored that. Instead, he is using his powerful position to pander to the views of extremists and conspiracy theorists.”