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Title X Chaos Could Leave Health Care Providers Facing Major Financial Deficits

New York, NY – New reporting from Politico shows that HHS continues to generate uncertainty and confusion around its Title X program, this time in connection with funding for tens of thousands of dollars worth of critical medication.

“HHS has been meddling in Title X to the point of chaos and this ‘guidance’ is its latest effort. These changes could have real, devastating consequences for the women that the agency is supposed to serve,” said Michelle Kuppersmith, Director of Equity Forward. “Secretary Azar must answer for the complete lack of transparency and further confusion around the program he oversees.”

The agency said health clinics that drop out of the Title X program as a result of the Trump administration’s gag rule could be forced to destroy or return tens of thousands worth of birth control and other drugs – or not. Some clinics may be able to keep the medications if they have met other qualifications, such as being designated as a federal qualified health center or sexually transmitted disease clinic.

These mixed signals are hindering the Title X program’s effectiveness and providers’ ability to operate. Lisa Radelet, communications director of Boulder Valley Women's Health Center expressed concern: "There's a lot of confusion around this, and it's hurting the very people meant to be served by the Title X program, who have the least access to care to start with. There's not clear guidance coming out from HHS, only very vague rumors and hearsay."


Equity Forward is a watchdog organization that works to ensure transparency and accountability among anti-reproductive health groups and individuals.