Top Michigan Legislators Collude With Extremist Group to Ban Abortion

Michigan state congressional leaders spoke at Right To Life of Michigan’s Legislative Day before the legislature voted to ban a common abortion procedure

05.14.19 – Michigan’s legislature voted today to ban the most common second trimester abortion procedure. This law is based on model legislation drafted by the National Right to Life Committee, and is one of the latest bills to pass in a swell of restrictive anti-abortion state legislation introduced nationwide this year.

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield were also busy today speaking at a “Legislative Day” held by Right to Life of Michigan. This extremist anti-abortion group led the charge on today’s legislation, has advanced other previous abortion restrictions in the state, and actively spreads lies about the nature and safety of abortion care. Majority Leader Shirkey has long used his power to champion extreme anti-abortion bills and has said his goal is to “completely eliminate abortions in Michigan.” Speaker Chatfield is also a vocal opponent of LGBTQ rights and protections.

Conservatives in the Michigan legislature have a history of supporting other toxic anti-abortion groups, including Real Alternatives (RA), the Pennsylvania-based contractor that is likely siphoning taxpayer dollars to fund its own expansion. RA currently operates the Michigan Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program.

“Michigan’s most powerful lawmakers are colluding with extremists to ignore medical experts and the needs of women and families facing complicated pregnancy decisions,” said Mary Alice Carter, senior advisor for Equity Forward. “This law is the latest in a nationwide campaign by the anti-abortion lobby to deny health care access, and Michiganders will unfortunately feel the consequences.”

Carter continued, “We stand with the activists on the ground who are fighting these efforts and ensuring patients are getting the care they need.”

Although Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to veto the bill, the fight is not over. Right to Life of Michigan intends to launch a citizens’ petition initiative to push the law through without the governor’s input. The group boasts its previous success advancing other abortion restrictions in Michigan through such petition initiatives.