Update on Missouri's Last Abortion Clinic

New York, NY – The St. Louis circuit court’s preliminary injunction — which allows Missouri’s last abortion clinic to remain operational while a commissioner from the state’s Administrative Hearing Commission reviews the case — is set to expire Friday at 5 p.m. CST.

Clinic attorneys requested that the commission reverse a decision by state regulators to eliminate legal abortions and force the state to re-license the clinic. Because the commission hearing isn’t until August 1, the attorneys asked for an order allowing the clinic to continue operating until then.

As we wait for new updates, we want to share background on Team PLAY, the fringe group that is working to take away women’s rights in Missouri. Its tactics include:

  • Organizing self-proclaimed “sidewalk counselors” to harass patients

  • Logging and misinterpreting data on ambulance visits to lobby state officials

  • Supporting anti-abortion extremists who promote violence

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