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Elisabeth Millard

Acting Representative of the United States to the UN Economic and Social Council and Representative at the 2021 Commission on the Status of Women

Elisabeth Millard is a former ambassador to Tajikistan and is now the acting representative of the United States to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. As deputy head of the United States’ delegation to the Commission on the Status of Women, Millard highlighted the need for an intersectional approach to gender equality and combating gender-based violence. Throughout her career, Millard has advocated for human rights and supported the empowerment of women and girls in various policy fora.

Elisabeth Millard Was Named As A Deputy Head Of The United States’ Delegation To The United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women (CSW) On March 15, 2021

The United States Mission To The United Nations Named Elisabeth Millard As One Of Two Deputy Heads Of Delegation To The Commission On The Status Of Women (CSW). “Ambassador Elisabeth Millard, Acting Representative of the United States to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Courtney Nemroff, Deputy Representative of the United States to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations will serve as Deputy Heads of Delegation.” [United States Mission To The United Nations, 3/15/21]

Millard Has Supported The Empowerment Of Women And Girls In Various Policy Fora

At A 2021 CSW Side Event, Millard Emphasized An Intersectional Approach To Gender Equality And Combatting Sexual- And Gender-Based Violence. “Intersectionality is also critical in advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women. Women belonging to multiple minority groups are at an even higher risk of sexual- and gender-based violence. They’re also more likely to experience threats and harassment just for participating in public life, and are often excluded from leadership roles. We’ve seen, for example, that women and girls with disabilities are vastly excluded from decision-making at all levels – which is often exacerbated in conflict settings and especially during this pandemic. We must work together as an international community to address sexual- and gender-based violence, and empower women around the world to take on leadership roles at all levels.” [United States Mission To The United Nations, 3/18/21]

At A 2021 CSW Side Event, Millard Spoke In Support Of Gender Equality And The Human Rights Of Afghan Women. “Afghan women carry the pain of the conflict in their everyday lives, and we support their calls for victim and survivor-centered approaches to peace and justice, an important link to the other theme this year of combating sexual and gender-based violence. Women from across Afghanistan have reaffirmed that peace not only means the absence of war, but freedom from all forms of violence including sexual and gender-based violence and intimate partner violence, respect for gender equality, human rights, governance and rule of law, justice, and equality for all. And that’s why it’s so important that today, and every day, we continue to spotlight the bravery and resilience of Afghan women and women around the world on the frontlines of advancing democracy, human rights and bringing peace to their countries.” [United States Mission To The United Nations, 3/19/21]

Millard Condemned Child, Early, And Forced Marriage And Female Genital Mutilation During The 30th Anniversary Commemoration Of The UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child. “The United States is proud to participate in today’s Commemoration for this milestone in promoting and protecting the human rights of all children. As we stated at the Convention’s adoption 30 years ago, the United States continues to support and believe in the goal of protecting and promoting the rights of the child that underpins it… The United States also strongly condemns the harmful practices of child, early, and forced marriage (CEFM) and female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C). We provide resources to prevent CEFM in countries and communities where interventions are needed most and where they are most likely to be effective. On FGM/C, we work to strengthen host country legislation against the practice.” [United States Mission To The United Nations, 10/21/19]

As Ambassador To Tajikistan, Millard Attended A Forum In Support Of Tajik Women’s Role In Water Policy. “U.S. Ambassador Elisabeth Millard and Chairperson of the Committee for Women’s and Family Affairs at the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Qosimzoda Idigul Tagho welcomed participants of the Women and Water Forum. In this forum, more than 120 partners and beneficiaries of USAID’s Local Governance Project actively discussed how rural women can and should take part in the decision making process regarding the supply and management of drinking water. They also debated gender policy and participation of neighborhood committees in relation to delivery and management of water infrastructure projects. As a result of plenary discussions and productive afternoon sessions, participants unanimously adopted a resolution with a number of recommendations, which will contribute to strengthening gender equality in water policy and increasing capacity and accountability of national and sub-national governments to supply clean drinking water.” [USAID, 8/12/16]

During Her Confirmation Hearing To Be Ambassador To Tajikistan, Millard Listed Investment In Women And Girls As One Of Her Priorities. “Tajikistan wants a multi-vector foreign policy and that gives us an opportunity to work with them in a number of different areas and there are a lot of needs there. So in our assistance program, we focus on a broad range of areas including improving the investment climate, you know, food security, education, health, women, girls, so I think there are a lot of opportunities for us and I will be sort of taking an inventory of what we’re doing if confirmed and seeing whether there might be more opportunities for us.” [C-SPAN, 10/28/15]

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