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Equity Forward conducts extensive research and investigative work to ensure transparency and accountability of groups and individuals who are attacking human rights, including reproductive freedom, access to quality healthcare, and equal protections for LGBTQ people. In addition to our research-driven campaigns, we provide fact sheets, reports, and public records analyses.

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Cruelty and Control: Reproductive Rights and Health Care in the U.S. Immigration System

Molly Bangs, Director and Ashley Underwood, Senior Researcher - October 18, 2021 Reports

Current attacks on im/migrants’ reproductive rights are contextualized by the United States’ long and sordid history of criminalizing im/migrants and communities of color, which continues from administration to administration up to the present day. This report features the insights of experts and advocates working at the intersections of reproductive and immigrant justice.

Human Rights, Immigrant Justice, Reproductive justice

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Mapping Deception: A Closer Look at How States’ Anti-Abortion Center Programs Operate

Rachel Wormer, Research Intern - June 4, 2021 Reports

To better understand how anti-abortion center (AAC) networks and Alternatives to Abortion (A2A) programs operate and the harm that they cause, this report maps A2A programs across states and analyzes the patterns of these programs across state lines.

Anti-abortion centers, Anti-Abortion Lobby, Anti-reproductive health bills

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Funding The Bans: A Look at the Major Corporations Financing the Lawmakers Behind State Abortion Bans

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EF Staff - August 21, 2019 Reports

Fifteen big-name companies — AT&T, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Delta Air Lines, General Motors, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Lyft, Mastercard, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Uber and Walmart — boast their commitment to gender equality. But each of these companies contributed significant sums of money to support lawmakers (or the committees backing them) who sponsored oppressive anti-abortion legislation. 

Anti-reproductive health bills

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The Heritage Foundation’s Health Department: How an Increasingly Radical Right Wing Think Tank Is Controlling HHS — to the Detriment of Reproductive Health and Other Human Rights

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Molly Bangs, Research Associate - April 25, 2019 Reports

The Heritage Foundation brands itself as a think tank of establishment conservatives; as policy experts in the fields of economics and national security who align with the traditional Republican Party. This branding is a façade, as Heritage regularly spouts hateful ideas that are detrimental to LGBTQ individuals, women, people of color and low-income workers. 

Anti-Abortion Lobby

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Human Life International: The Quiet Giant Underwriting Abortion Politics Abroad

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EF Staff - January 30, 2019 Reports

Human Life International (HLI), a U.S. nonprofit based in Front Royal, Virginia, has spent decades quietly funding anti-abortion campaigns in foreign countries.

Anti-Abortion Lobby, International

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