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Equity Forward conducts extensive research and investigative work to ensure the transparency and accountability of groups and individuals who are attacking human rights, including reproductive freedom, gender equity, access to quality healthcare racial justice, and equal protections for LGBTQIA+ communities. We conduct robust public records research, qualitative interviews, opposition research, legislative tracking, and policy analysis. In addition to our research-driven campaigns, we provide fact sheets, reports and public records analyses. We break down complicated findings and make our information easily accessible and user-friendly for the communities we work with.

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In The Grand Scheme: Six Sinister Tactics Employed By Anti-Abortion Centers

Jack Dobkin, Research Associate - April 19, 2022 Reports

The decades-long rise of anti-abortion centers (AACs) is a concerning example of how anti-abortion actors’ work is coordinated and interconnected, working either in tandem or sharing tactics to support the proliferation of AACs nationwide.

Anti-Abortion Centers

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Mapping Deception: A Closer Look at How States’ Anti-Abortion Center Programs Operate

Rachel Wormer, Research Intern - June 4, 2021 Reports

To better understand how anti-abortion center (AAC) networks and Alternatives to Abortion (A2A) programs operate and the harm that they cause, this report maps A2A programs across states and analyzes the patterns of these programs across state lines.

Anti-Abortion Centers, Anti-Abortion Lobby, Anti-reproductive health bills

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