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Equity Forward Releases New Research on National Anti-Abortion Group

Research precedes organization’s annual convention this week

New York, NY – Equity Forward today released new research on the extremist anti-abortion group National Right To Life Committee in anticipation of the group’s annual convention later this week. 

National Right To Life Committee (NRLC) peddles false science to bolster its anti-abortion sentiments. 

Among the lies the group champions are:

  • The theory — made infamous by 2012 Senate candidate Todd Akin — that women who are raped are less likely or unable to become pregnant;

  • The claim that abortions can cause death, cancer and suicide; and

  • The notion that abortion providers push the procedure on women for profit.

“National Right to Life spent decades spreading lies about abortion and stoking fear among the public,” Equity Forward Director Michelle Kuppersmith said. “Abortion in the U.S. is safe. Anti-abortion extremists’ overreaching efforts to restrict access to care are not based in science — they’re based in oppressive anti-woman ideology.”

View the research HERE.