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Family Watch International

Family Watch International (FWI), an Arizona-based non-profit, was founded in 1999 under the name Global Helping to Advance Women. FWI is an anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, international extremist organization that considers itself a part of the “pro-family” movement in its efforts to promote so-called traditional marriage and staunchly opposes abortion rights.

FWI has focused its efforts on the U.N. and Africa, including Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, and Uganda.  FWI’s founder and president, Sharon Slater, has worked with government officials in these nations on abstinence-only education initiatives. Through its U.N. programs, FWI aims to demonstrate “how the U.N. system is being manipulated to influence national laws that promote abortion, prostitution, homosexuality, promiscuity and the sexualization of children.” The organization also founded and chairs the UN Family Rights Caucus, an entity that promotes “a family-based approach rather than a sexual-rights-based approach to HIV/AIDS prevention.” Finally, the Holy See’s delegation to the U.N. has used FWI’s talking points to oppose abortion and comprehensive sexuality education.