November 19, 2018 Press Release

HHS Claims Women Can Get Care at Program HHS is Trying to Dismantle

11.19.18 – According to this weekend’s New York Times, the Trump administration is claiming that women who have been robbed of their health insurance coverage for birth control because of actions taken by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can get care at family planning clinics for low-income people, despite the fact the administration is trying to undercut that program, too. Equity Forward issued the following statement in response:

“Only at Trump’s HHS would officials suggest women can get birth control from a program those very same officials are trying to dismantle,” said Mary Alice Carter, Executive Director of Equity Forward.

“To call this absurd is an understatement, yet sadly expected from an administration where logic is oftentimes suspended to score political points and hypocrisy runs rampant.  Just last week, HHS Chief Azar lauded the importance of “patient choice,” yet clearly doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose the health care that’s best for her."