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ICYMI: Rep. Steve King Uses “It’s a Wonderful Life” To Defend State-Mandated Birth

Congressman cites movie plot while doubling down on support for total abortion ban without rape or incest exceptions

New York, NY – At a press conference today, Rep. Steve King (IA-04) used the plot of the 1946 film "It’s a Wonderful Life" to defend his extreme, overreaching position on abortion: a total ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. King came under fire just last week for suggesting that the world’s population would not exist without rape and incest. In his remarks today, King doubled down, saying that “no matter the circumstances of conception,” pregnant people should not be allowed to access abortion care.

Equity Forward Director Michelle Kuppersmith made the following statement in response:

“The government should not force survivors of sexual assault to carry their pregnancies to term. Politicians should not determine what happens to pregnant people’s bodies — they should be able to make those decisions free from government interference. If you want to carry to term, you CAN. But it’s wrong for the government to force you to do so. Rep. King wouldn’t want any of us in the doctor’s office with him, so he shouldn’t force himself into our private medical decisions, either.”

Kuppersmith continued, “Rep. King is advocating for state-mandated birth after rape, and it’s disgusting that a sitting member of Congress would support such a cruel and oppressive policy.”

In his remarks today, King touted his partial authorship of an unsuccessful Iowa bill that would have banned abortion at a time before most people even know they’re pregnant.

King has been criticized in recent months for his public defense of white supremacists. His defense of a total abortion ban with no rape or incest exceptions remains in line with the views of many mainstream anti-abortion groups.


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