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ROLLING STONE: Trump’s Refugee Appointee Is Reportedly Writing an Anti-Abortion Book

November 14, 2018 News Article

Lloyd, whose prior experience was in pushing anti-abortion legislation at the state level, has gone back to his roots. Politico reports that Lloyd has been working on an anti-abortion book during his time as director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

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VICE: The guy Trump put in charge of separated kids is reportedly writing a book about how much he hates abortion

November 13, 2018 News Article

Scott Lloyd, the Trump administration official in charge of reuniting separated families, is writing a book about his opposition to abortion, Politico reported Tuesday, according to two two sources familiar with the matter.

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VOX: The Trump administration’s anti-birth control agenda, explained

November 12, 2018 News Article

The administration is systematically rolling back birth control access. New rules are just the latest move.

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REWIRE: Trump Administration Moves to Restrict Birth Control Benefit and Abortion in Post-Midterm Attack

November 8, 2018 News Article

The release of the finalized birth control benefit rules had been anticipated by advocates since news broke last month that finalized versions had been submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

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ROLLING STONE: Trump Administration Quietly Unveils New Rules Targeting Birth Control and Abortion

November 8, 2018 News Article

The Christian crusade inside President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services rages on.

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POLITICO PULSE: Trump's drug price plan faces resistance on all sides

October 26, 2018 News Article

EQUITY FORWARD LAUNCHES NEW CAMPAIGN AGAINST HHS REFUGEE CHIEF — The watchdog organization is running a five-figure digital ad campaign that again calls for HHS Secretary Alex Azar to fire Scott Lloyd, the controversial chief of the office of refugee resettlement.

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POLITICO: HHS admits miscount left some migrant children stranded in custody

October 26, 2018 News Article

The Trump administration failed to include at least 14 migrant children in its count of minors whom officials separated from their families at the border, which has left the overlooked children in HHS custody for months, the administration told a federal court late Thursday night.

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WASHINGTON TIMES: Family separations began before zero tolerance: GAO study

October 24, 2018 News Article

Separation of illegal immigrant families nabbed at the border began to increase around the start of the Trump administration, the government’s chief watchdog reported Wednesday — meaning it was happening well before the Justice Department’s zero-tolerance border policy.

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COSMOPOLITAN: Birth Control: Will It Become the Ultimate Luxury?

October 16, 2018 News Article

Right now, your contraception is under attack, with politicians looking to make it way more expensive and much harder to get. If they succeed, American women will suffer a devastating setback.

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WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Dems turn to immigration as winning election issue

August 29, 2018 News Article

Democrats are seizing on a key immigration controversy as their winning issue in the fall midterm congressional election, one that even first lady Melania Trump agrees with them on -- the plight of child immigrants taken from parents suspected of crimes.

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