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‘Constant chipping away at our reproductive rights’: Advocates slam funding for crisis pregnancy centers in House budget

September 21, 2021 News Article

"North Carolina was also one of 10 states that used money from the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, known colloquially as welfare, to fund crisis pregnancy centers, The Guardian first reported based on investigative research by the accountability group Equity...

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What the Texas abortion ban means for Pennsylvania

September 20, 2021 News Article

“Abortions have always happened and always will. We have to continue doing this ourselves because the state will not save us,” says Elicia Gonzales, executive director of Women’s Medical Fund, a Philly-based organization that helps people living in poverty access abortion care. “If anything, we...

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Feminists Fight Fake Abortion Clinics: “No One Should Be Lied To”

August 8, 2021 News Article

"What’s more, anti-abortion centers receive a significant amount of state and federal funding. In a report released last June, Equity Forward revealed that state lawmakers are funding anti-abortion centers and diverting federal dollars earmarked for impoverished mothers and children to these...

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Report Questions Oversight Of Centers In Florida Pregnancy Program That Use State Dollars

June 23, 2021 News Article

"Alternatives to abortion programs have absolutely ballooned over recent years across the United States," said Molly Bangs, the director of Equity Forward. "I think taxpayers in Florida, and I think taxpayers across the United States, deserve to understand how these alternatives to abortion...

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At least 10 states are giving million of dollars in federal funds set aside to help needy families to anti-abortion clinics, according to accountability organization Equity Forward, which shared a report with The Guardian.

June 15, 2021 News Article

“These centers use elaborately devised tactics to trick people into believing they provide abortion services. From the names they choose, which often vary only slightly from those of abortion providers, to their locations, often next to or across the street from a legitimate center, to their...

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At least 10 states divert federal welfare funding to anti-abortion clinics

June 4, 2021 News Article

The revelation is to be published in a report by the accountability group Equity Forward, which was provided exclusively to the Guardian. Equity Forward produces investigative research on human rights, gender equity and sexual and reproductive health and justice.

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Report: At least 10 states giving federal welfare funds to anti-abortion clinics

June 4, 2021 News Article

At least 10 states are giving million of dollars in federal funds set aside to help needy families to anti-abortion clinics, according to accountability organization Equity Forward, which shared a report with The Guardian.

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Pandemic Parenting Support: From Day Care to Abortion, Where Is It?

May 6, 2021 News Article

Inaccessible reproductive health care and a lack of supportive policies for parents have left them all in a choiceless vacuum.

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Reproductive Rights Advocates Call for Biden to Curb Foreign Abortion Restrictions

May 5, 2021 News Article

To truly lead on ensuring SRHR and abortion access internationally, the coalition is asking the Biden administration to do much more. This call is part of a broader 100-day assessment of the Biden administration, such as the “report card” issued by Equity Forward that declares what’s missing on...

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Biden administration rejects Trump’s anti-LGBTQ international rights commission

April 2, 2021 News Article

Molly Bangs of Equity Forward said that the report was part of the Trump administration’s “consistent and continued erasure of LGBTQ people.”

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